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Ride Your Dream Motorbike with Motorbike Financing

Motorbike Loans

Aside from owning a house and a car, another good way to invest you cash is to buy a motorcycle. Do you have any idea how much classic motorcycle models are sold nowadays? Their value is as much as $ 10,000 - or even more!


Each year, the value of motorcycle increases, especially if you are eyeing for a collector's item or perhaps a limited edition model. But it can also be very painful to your pocket. Purchasing a motorbike is one serious business. You need to spend a large sum of money to buy a top-quality, good-looking motorcycle. Also, you need to maintain it for it to be in best shape - this is a monthly requirement and can also take a chunk off of the budget.


But all these are meant not to discourage you. If you really want to purchase the bike of your dreams, you have two options:


  1. Save up to pay in cash.

  2. Use your credit card.


You might be wondering - what if you can't do any of the given two? Well, lucky you! There are now plenty of financial institutions that offer very competitive motorbike loans.


If you want to avail of a motorcycle loan, these are the following things that you need to remember:


  1. Before you fill out any application form for a loan, you need to select a motorcycle. Afterwards, take note of the price, including all the accessories and add-ons that you want to equip your motorcycle with.

    It would be best that you borrow only the amount that is enough to cover the price of the bike of your choice. The lender may let you borrow more than enough, but you have to know that you'll still have to pay for the interest. Do not borrow money which is more than what you can afford. Just a reminder, after a month or two of not paying, the motorbike will be repossessed by the financial institute, where you borrowed the money to buy that bike.

  2. The fact is, there are two type of loan for motorcycles. The first would be the installment loan. This is when you're supposed to pay a fixed amount - quarterly, monthly or even weekly. It will depend upon the agreement.

    The other one is the credit loan. This option has more flexible terms of payment and schedule compared to the installment loan. You need to decide which of the two types works for you.

  3. Study and familiarize yourself with the interest rates. This will help you steer clear from the loan sharks from taking advantage of you.

  4. Select the company or institution where you can get a motorcycle loan. You can select from various dealership in your area. There are also lots of financial institutions like banks and credit unions that are competitive and at the same time, non restrictive.

    If neither denied your application for a loan, or if they do not have good rates to offer, use the internet for online motorcycle loans. Within 15 minutes, you'll be able to know if you are qualified or not. You'll know if the loan is approved or not.

Some financers may see you in a vulnerable situation when you're applying for a loan. Be careful of the lenders that announce that they approve loan requests even from those with bad credit score.


Lastly, if you are approved for a loan, select the best date - the most comfortable date when you can easily pay to avoid problems in the future.


Need Finance is 100% Australian owned and has been operating since January 2001. We currently have eight offices conveniently located in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We are looking to expand Australia wide in the very near future.

Our experienced staff are committed to providing fast friendly service, helpful advice, flexible options and great deals.

We have direct links with over 20 major Australian Financial products which means we can tailor a loan facility that best suits your needs.

We are here for you and we wish to build a long lasting relationship with you. If it's a personal, business or whether it's motorbike loans we are able to cater to all your financing needs.